Box Elder County CERT Coordination Council

A Division of Box Elder County Emergency Management

Who Are We and What Can We Do For You?

  • Networking
    • The Committee provides a great opportunity to get together visit with others in our county that share the same interest and vision as you do when it comes to CERT and emergency preparedness.
    • Find out what other communities in your area are doing with CERT and emergency preparedness.
    • Do you have an idea or method that works well and you would like to share? Do you need some ideas on how to do something or how to do it better?  Networking with our Committee could be just for you!


  • Resources
    • The county currently has a booth kit for display booths. It is a basic kit and we would like ideas on what you would like to see added to it.  Any CERT in the county can check out the kit for local events.
    • As the Federal, State and County governments set aside money for the CERT programs, that money will come through the BE County Emergency Manager and we can help decide where it is spent.
    • If there are CERT items too costly for one community, it may be cost effective to provide these items at the county level.
    • We have a vision to hold a county sponsored training drill annually.
    • We are currently putting together a CERT training kit that would include all the items needed to teach a Basic CERT class. This kit would be used for the county training team but would also be available for check out for other trainers in the county.


  • Training
    • It is our vision to provide a county CERT training team that would hold a minimum of two classes a year, one in northern BE County and one in southern BE County. We would also be available to come to you anywhere in the county to teach a class.
    • It is our vision to hold an annual County CERT sponsored Emergency Preparedness Summit. This summit would be open to all the public and focused on all areas of emergency preparedness and have classes, a key note speaker, vendors and fun!


  • Representation
    • We have direct access to the BE County Emergency Manager who has direct access to the BE County Commissioners. We also have direct access to Utah State officials in the emergency management and political arenas and all local governments.
    • We have direct access to the Box Elder County Local Emergency Planning Committee.